Often, it is necessary to ask a court to appoint a guardian for a minor when neither parent can care for that child. Any person who is at least 18, of sound mind, not adjudicated a disabled person under the law, has not been convicted of a felony and who the court finds is capable of providing an active and suitable program of guardianship for the minor is qualified to act as guardian of the person or the estate of a minor. To appoint a guardian for a minor, a Petition must be filed with the court requesting the appointment. A parent may also designate in any writing, including a will, a person qualified to act as guardian for his or her child. It is important to note that this designation must be done in a very specific way, as set forth in the law.

In addition, it may be necessary to request a court to appoint a guardian for a disabled adult. The most common situation here is for an elderly person who, with the advancement of age, cannot care for themselves or their estate. Again, upon the proper filing of a Petition with a court that court may appoint a guardian for the disabled adult and/or his or her estate.

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