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Men going through a divorce generally feel they are at a disadvantage and think they will be subjected to partiality in a family law court due to their gender. They often face difficulty in finding a reliable divorce attorney who has knowledge and experience in handling family law matters from a male perspective. Due to this, reluctance and pessimism may factor in, affecting their ability to aggressively pursue and achieve satisfactory outcomes during a divorce proceeding. At Gordon & Perlut, LLC, we know the realities and prejudice men go through in a divorce, and have the capability to stand with you to fight for your rights. We aim to provide personalized service and carefully listen to you to develop a thorough understanding of your desired outcomes. Keeping in mind all of your unique needs and goals, we devise an effective legal strategy geared towards protecting your interests.

How Our Chicago Divorce Lawyers can help youmen's divorce attorneys

The divorce attorneys at Gordon & Perlut, LLC are accomplished, passionate, and experienced, and are capable of effectively handling the most complex cases. If you are going through a contested divorce, you will require assistance in negotiating with your spouse and her attorney on matters such as your children, alimony (maintenance), child support, and division of assets and debt. We also assist clients in high net-worth divorces that typically involve many complex issues. Such cases often entail protecting investments, business ownership, inheritance, stock options, property, and retirement accounts from being unfairly granted to the ex-spouse.

We help you understand the different aspects of Illinois family law and explain the rights and obligations of fathers towards their children and ex-spouse after the dissolution of marriage. From the initial consultation to meetings with your wife and her divorce attorney for negotiations, and representation in court, our men’s divorce attorneys in the Chicago area focus on resolving important issues, such as:

Having an experienced and knowledgeable Chicago area attorney can make all the difference for men. As your partner in the divorce proceedings, we will work closely with you at every step and ensure you are well-informed. Even when you are emotionally distressed, our attorneys will assist you in keeping a clear head when making difficult decisions with confidence.

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Everyone has legal rights in a divorce, regardless of their gender. The Chicago divorce attorneys at Gordon & Perlut, LLC have decades of experience in fighting for men’s rights in all facets of family law. Whether you want us to help you obtain custody of your child, negotiate a fair settlement of financial issues, or any other matter pertaining to divorce, we can provide you with skilled legal counsel and aggressive representation. Contact the Law Offices of Gordon & Perlut, LLC today at 312-360-0250 or 847-329-0101, or use our online contact form to schedule an initial consultation.

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