Tips on Making it Through a Difficult Divorce

Advice from Divorce Lawyers for Getting Through a Divorce

Tips from trusted Chicago divorce attorneys to help you

Divorce brings out the worst in some people. They may justify their behavior on the basis of hurt feelings or self-interest, but if deception and lies are part of their reaction, it only complicates the divorce process.

The divorce lawyers of Gordon & Perlut make every attempt to help clients work through issues, and we try to limit the involvement of the court in making important decisions.  We believe divorce mediation can be a viable, less stressful means for reaching an agreement about issues such as property division, child custody (now known as allocation of parental responsibilities), and child support. Unfortunately, a difficult spouse may contest the divorce and create the need for extensive litigation.

Divorce law cannot dictate how spouses should behave or change the behavior of a spouse.  But as divorce attorneys, we recommend curtailing your reactions toward an uncooperative spouse. The following tips can help you protect your legal interests as well as your feelings:

  • Avoid arguments, especially over contentious issues such as child custody and visitation.
  • Use businesslike politeness.
  • Be skeptical about facts and promises.
  • Expect your spouse to resent you and your attorney.
  • Change your service providers, user names, and passwords to protect email and phone messages.
  • Check your credit report periodically to make sure that your spouse does not incur more debt in both of your names.
  • Consider getting a post office box to protect your important mail.
  • Do not give out information without advice from a Cook County divorce attorney.
  • Do not try to negotiate or sign anything without a lawyer.
  • Communicate with your difficult spouse through your Skokie divorce attorney.
  • Ignore any statements that your spouse makes about your Cook County divorce attorney.
  • Protect your divorce documents.
  • Make sure that your lawyer receives any documents your spouse is supposed to send.

Your Cook County divorce attorney is one of your best forms of support when your spouse makes divorce difficult. Gordon & Perlut, LLC provides useful advice and personal attention in your case to make the process easier.

Divorce lawyers helping to reduce stress

If you are calm and focus on your well-being during a divorce, you make it easier for your divorce attorney to best represent you.

Here are some tips about recognizing and dealing with stress:

  • Discuss your feelings.
  • Keep physically active.
  • Nurture your interests.
  • Relinquish problems beyond your control.
  • Avoid destructive behaviors.
  • Do not make hasty decisions.
  • Make time for fun.
  • Move on from your loss.
  • Limit what you expect from the divorce.

Gordon & Perlut, LLC gives each client personal attention, and we are compassionate and sensitive to your needs. At the same time, our divorce attorneys are formidable adversaries for a difficult spouse. Our firm will take your case before a judge if alternative methods are impossible.

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