Testimonials to Our Cook County Family Law Attorneys from Satisfied Clients

Testimonials about the value of our services in Skokie and Chicago

Many of our clients have provided their testimonials based on the exceptional service they have received from the Chicago divorce attorneys of Gordon & Perlut, LLC:

I worked with Scott & Dayna on a protracted & detailed legal case. Although I’ve been fortunate not to have many interpersonal dealings with attorneys outside of my work responsibilities, Dayna has the most “emotional intelligence” of any attorney I’ve ever met. Her approach is reasoned, meticulous & fair, and she never hesitates to outline best-case & worse-case scenarios for her clients. She even made herself available to talk live when frustration levels were high, and all of our business interactions were billed at very fair rates. For all of these reasons, I offer this company my highest level of recommendation.


I would like to say Thank you Scott Gordon & Associates from the bottom of my heart. Words can not express how Thankful I am to have had a great team to represent me during this stressful time. You are very professional and very knowledgeable. During this entire process you’ve given me reassurance and confidence in a successful outcome and you delivered! I would highly recommend this law firm.

-S. Hearon

Dynamic Duo!  All concerns were addressed in a professional manner and I felt completely comfortable that my child’s best interests were being addressed.  High impressed and would definitely recommend!

-Candice D.

“Very efficient & thorough.  Client friendly. Made difficult time as easy as possible.”

Marcus B. 

“I felt well represented by M. Scott Gordon in my legal defense.  He definitely knows the law and showed abilities in writing an argument.  I trusted his counsel about avoiding a court hearing, negotiating a settlement and the payment amount.  Scott was always on top of deadlines and I never had to chase him down.  In addition, Scott was pro-active about adding detailed verbiage to my agreement as to protect me from further legal exposure.  He is a lawyer to be trusted.”

George S.

“I am positive there is no better family lawyer than Scott Gordon. Very professional and skillful gentleman. He represented me in my divorce case a few years ago and I hired him again for my child support case. I was very happy with every aspect of the process. He was very understanding and patient dealing with me and my broken English. He is an exceptional human being and great lawyer. Highly recommended.”
Janusz W.

“I could not have been more pleased with Scott and Dayna during the course of my lengthy divorce. At every turn they provided me sound guidance and helped me make sound decisions, not just emotional ones. They listened to me and in the end respected my decisions and supported them completely. Their experience and guidance were invaluable and I would not hesitate to recommend them to anyone…”
Sarah G.

The attorneys of Gordon & Perlut, LLC provided me with excellent counsel during this very difficult time in my life. Scott Gordon and Dayna Perlut were always fast in responding to my questions and needs. I would happily recommend their counsel.
Jarrett G.

I was referred to M. Scott Gordon by a close friend and food good reason. Scott and his team went above and beyond. Not only was Scott’s legal advice spot on, he also acted as my personal counselor. When my wife and I decided to stay married Scott applauded us. I highly recommend Gordon & Perlut, LLC.
James M.

Scott Gordon & Associates resolved a chaotic situation with such integrity and knowledge to which I am now in peace. In a sea of many attorneys its an honor to find an oasis in the middle of a “desert storm”! Thank you for helping us to become “family”
Hazel B.

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