Testimonials to Our Cook County Family Law Attorneys from Satisfied Clients

Testimonials about the value of our services in Skokie and Chicago

Many of our clients have provided their testimonials based on the exceptional service they have received from the Chicago divorce attorneys of Gordon & Perlut, LLC:

I am very pleased to have chosen Scott Gordon to assist me. I chose him based on prior testimonials I read. From the 1st meeting, I was pleased and felt positive about a terrible situation with my ex-husband. I highly recommend them.
Deborah M.

Mr. Gordon and his team have been tremendous with me over the past few months in regards to child support issues. They handled the case in a professional manner that was second to none. I wouldn’t have wished for a better law firm than Mr. Gordon. Thanks a lot for your legal help.
Jennit R.

Everything that you’ve done with my case is very much appreciated. My case has been going for 2 ½ years without any progress with my former lawyer, when I decided to seek a second opinion. Then I found your name online with good client reviews, and with no hesitation I took your service. I can truly say I made the right decision. Well experienced, very professional and accommodating lawyer.
Arnulfo S.

I enjoyed working with Scott, he has a great disposition. Scott was sympathetic, courteous, prompt and professional. Scott worked very hard on my case and assisted me in improving my situation.
—Marilyn R.

Scott Gordon has been a blessing to me in my time of need when dealing with the frustrate[ing] phase of ending marital relationships. His patience, kindness, positive outlook, plus encouragements helped me to focus on my goal for divorce. He remained impartial and a great “listening” ear to my concerns and could facilitate a wonderful ease and calmness to this difficult “season” of “reality” to my marital situation. His expertise and humorous manner allowed me to be comfortable and “de-stressed” considering the current situation. I have recommended him to 2 additional persons in need of his services. I hope to retain him for any other “legal” matters in the near future. Scott thanks for your kind support! Good day and God bless you and your family.
—Patrice W.

Scott was very level headed and tried to keep my thoughts and emotions in mind at all times. Scott was very accessible, knowledgeable and caring. If I had to use an attorney in the future I definitely would use Scott. —Brian D.

Scott Gordon has been professional and maintains high standards. I am pleased with my representation. He has been extremely knowledgeable regarding the specifics of my case. I highly recommend his services.
—Karen B.

Scott is very knowledgeable regarding issues concerning divorce. He is assertive, yet considerate; proactive, yet flexible (when needed). I appreciated his representation of me and would recommend him to others.
— Leonard S.

I am truly grateful that [Scott] agreed to my terms and that [Scott] respected my decisions. Thank you for your representation and legal advice.
—Nilda V.

This is the first time since my divorce was final that I had an attorney who listened to me. He reviewed all my requests, no matter how small or petty, and put my children’s best interests first. I honestly can say that I was awarded more than I was seeking and did not have to compromise anything to get what I was asking. Thanks so much.
—Laurelyn L.

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