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Divorce is a legal process. It formally dissolves marital bonds and in most cases, follows the same basic pattern. A Judge may skip some proceedings, such as divorce mediation if the case is not likely to benefit from them, but most of the process is straightforward. Our skilled Chicago divorce attorneys can help you navigate the divorce process and work towards a suitable resolution to any contention.

Illinois Divorce law requires that one spouse is either a resident of the state of Illinois or was stationed in the state for military duty for at least 90 days prior to filing for divorce. In Cook and Lake County one spouse, not necessarily the one who files, must reside within the county lines where the divorce is filed in. Note that you have the option of a legal separation before seeking a divorce.

Understanding how to file for DivorceHow to file for Divorce

The process begins when one spouse files a petition with the clerk of the circuit court requesting the dissolution of the marriage. In some cases, certain legal proceedings may have already taken place, such as hearings over an order of protection and related child guardianship decisions. The clerk then issues documents informing the respondent spouse of the proceedings. The respondent spouse can reply and dispute the cause of the divorce or any information the filing contains.

The respondent spouse has a limited time to reply. If the deadline is missed, the judge may proceed with the case as an uncontested divorce. An uncontested divorce does not require the court to make any decisions about marital issues.

If the respondent replies to the divorce papers and disputes any information, it is considered to be a contested divorce.

All decisions made in a Divorce Proceeding also can be subject to an appeals process.

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