The Effect of Divorce on Children

Attorneys minimizing your family’s divorce stress

Most parents are concerned about their children when they file for divorce. At Gordon & Perlut, LLC, we understand your concerns. We believe that family comes first.

The University of New Hampshire Cooperative Extension reported the following information about how children handle divorce and separation:

  • Age of children – The less children understand, the more they may act out.  Divorce as well as child custody and visitation arrangements affects children of all ages. The emotional state of the parents can also have an effect on them physically and emotionally.  However, the quality of the parent-child relationship is more important than the gender and age of the child.
  • Gender of children – Research shows that children handle divorce better when there is joint child custody or when primary custody is with the parent of the same gender.  Again; however, the strength of the relationship is more of a determinant.
  • Amount of conflict – When parents fight, it is disturbing to children.  Hostility can cause behavioral, mental, and emotional problems.
  • Amount of support – Parents and other family members who honestly communicate with children can make their adjustment easier.

Our divorce law firm makes every effort to reduce the negative impact of divorce on the children involved.

Divorce mediation minimizes negative effects on children

The courts have found mediation to be so helpful that they frequently insist that divorcing parents mediate their disputes before they litigate.  This allows the parents to create their own parenting plan, including creative solutions for their problems that the court might not consider. Minimizing conflict through mediation may benefit the emotional wellbeing of the children and influence the court’s determinations on the practical aspects of their care, such as child custody (now known as allocation of parental responsibilities), child supportguardianship, and visitation (now known as parenting time).

Our divorce lawyers believe that mediation:

  • Reduces conflict between parents
  • Makes children feel included
  • Creates a sense of empowerment
  • Opens lines of communication
  • Enhances parent/child closeness
  • Produces better solutions

Emphasizing love and approval, and minimizing conflict are the best ways to help children handle a divorce.

Limiting your stress during a contested divorce

Parents’ stress can take a toll on their children. Even infants can have negative reactions.

Get tips from a divorce lawyer about getting through a difficult divorce.

Our divorce lawyers put your family first

Divorce changes everything for your family.  We have skills in alternative dispute resolution and litigation that can ease the transition for you and your children.
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