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A father’s love for his children is worth protecting. Both partners must ensure that divorce doesn’t compromise the rights of the children and the relationship they have with each parent. The divorce lawyers of Gordon & Perlut, LLC can help preserve a father’s rights and his connection with his children after a divorce.

The impact of divorce on the paternal relationship

There are many aspects of divorce that negatively affect the relationship between father and child. For instance, child custody (now known as allocation of parental responsibilities) visitation (now known as parenting time) determinations seriously may limit the ability of a father to spend quality time with his children. The court makes its determinations based on the child’s best interests but this does not mean that it considers the dynamics of the child-parent relationship and the post-divorce situation between ex-spouses. We can help present a compelling case for a more advantageous custody arrangement in settlement negotiations and in court. Our divorce lawyers can also assist in making sure that child support obligations are realistically tailored to your child’s needs and capabilities.

Modification of settlements and court orders

A settlement or court order affecting the quality time you spend with your child is not set in stone. To provide for the child’s best interests or reflect a change in circumstances, the court can modify a prior order. If your situation has significantly changed, including a job loss or a change in work schedule, you don’t have to lose out on precious time with your children. Our divorce lawyers can help you obtain a modification of prior orders regarding visitation or child support.

A change in your ex-spouse’s circumstances might also be grounds for a modification of a prior court order regarding custody or parenting time. If your former partner’s change in family situation, schedule, or employment is negatively affecting your parental relationship or your ex-spouse ceases to be a fit custodian, you can seek a change in prior custody or parenting time determinations. Consult your divorce lawyer to discuss the options that may apply in your case.

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