The Most Common Reasons For Divorce

Skokie Attorneys Explain the Most Common Reasons for a Cook County Divorce

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Divorcing parties in Illinois indicate whether they are filing for a fault or no-fault divorce.  In the case of an at-fault divorce, they indicate the reason or reasons they want to end the marriage. Common reasons for divorce include:

Less commonly cited reasons include:

  • Unmet needs
  • Sexual problems
  • Addiction or substance abuse
  • Abuse

Poor communication

Couples unable to talk openly and honestly over a sustained period may argue often and ultimately choose to end the marriage.  Spouses may cite irreconcilable differences because of an inability or unwillingness to communicate.

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Financial issues

Money is a common cause of disagreement in marriages. A spouse may file for divorce due to:

  • Lack of financial support
  • Overspending
  • Shared financial responsibility
  • Unequal financial status
  • Undisclosed financial facts

Studies by the American Academy of Matrimonial Lawyers report that although money is not always the sole or primary cause for divorce, it is often a significant factor.  Poor communication and dishonesty can also contribute to the financial problems of a couple. If your financial problems have brought you to the brink of divorce, your Cook County divorce attorney can help you consider your legal options.

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Lack of consideration

When one spouse shows a lack of concern for the needs or wishes of the other, any number of problems can arise.  Refusing to share home responsibilities or help care for the children, careless spending and offensive habits are all examples of a lack of consideration.

Allowing family members to interfere in a marriage is another lack of consideration.  The family members of a spouse may try to influence anything from home improvement to child-rearing and cause friction. If longstanding friction has caused your marriage to breakdown irretrievably, your Cook County divorce attorney can help you understand your options.

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Dramatic change in priorities

When one spouse’s priorities change, it frequently leads to divorce.  When one spouse’s work, friends or hobbies detract from family concerns and activities, it can place a burden on the other spouse, and cause resentment and loneliness.

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Unless both partners agree otherwise, marriage is entered into a mutually exclusive arrangement between two parties.  To file for divorce on grounds of infidelity fault, a spouse must obtain clear proof that such infidelity has taken place. Consult your trusted Skokie divorce attorney for more information about providing infidelity.

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