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All civil cases can be emotional and challenging, but family law claims are often particularly heart-wrenching. For assistance and support navigating your family law matter, call our experienced Westchester family lawyers today.

Ranked as one of the more desirable places to live in the Chicago area, the village of Westchester features suburban living, close proximity to the city, numerous parks, and outdoor recreation activities, and affordable homes. While Westchester is the home of countless families, many of these families face matters that require the help of the courts to resolve. If you have a family law matter that you can’t resolve on your own, our Westchester family law attorneys at the offices of Gordon & Perlut, LLC can provide you with the support you need.

Our Westchester Family Law Practice Areas

Our family law attorneys realize that no two family law cases are exactly alike, and always take a personalized approach to your family law matter. We work on a wide range of family law issues, including:

  • Legal separation and divorce. The majority of our clients come to us seeking services related to divorce. Our team can help you to understand the grounds for divorce and how to file for divorce, as well as represent your best interests when resolving tough issues in a divorce.
  • Child custody and child support. One of the most contentious issues in a divorce or separation case is determining the custody of shared children. In addition to determining child custody, the non-custodial parent will also be responsible for paying child support in an amount that will be determined by the court.
  • Pre- and post-marital agreements. For couples who are planning to marry, the formation of a prenuptial agreement can get ahead of contentious issues, such as division of property and spousal support, in the event that a divorce is sought in the future. We can also assist couples with the formation of post-nuptial agreements, too.
  • Domestic violence and orders of protection. If you are a victim of domestic violence, do not wait another day to take action to protect yourself. Find shelter in a safe location and call our law firm to learn how to get a protection order.
  • Adoption. Adoption is one of the most rewarding and enriching experiences, but one that is rife with legal complexities. If you are thinking about adoption, be sure to have a skilled and experienced family law attorney on your side to represent you.
  • Guardianship. Guardianship may be necessary for minors whose parents are no longer able to offer care, as well as elderly adults who are disabled and require care from another.

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At the law offices of Gordon & Perlut, LLC, our experienced Westchester family law attorneys are here to offer you representation and support as you navigate your family law case. We have the years of experience and track record of success that you want in the lawyer representing you. Call our law firm today to learn more about our Westchester family law lawyers and to schedule your initial consultation.

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