Why Everyone Considering Divorce Should Want Divorce Mediation

Going through a divorce is painful and stressful. What if you can get divorced faster with less stress? Divorce mediation could be the answer.

Learn about the benefits of divorce mediation below. If you are interested in mediation, talk to the Chicago divorce mediators at Gordon & Perlut, LLC today.

What Is Divorce Mediation?

Mediation is not a new idea. It is an alternative dispute resolution process used more than 2,000 years ago in ancient Greece. Mediation has been used in various ways over the years, including property disputes, child custody disagreements, neighbor issues, and more.

In recent years, mediation has been used to resolve divorces so that a long, expensive, and emotionally exhausting process can be avoided. Instead, you and your spouse bring the disagreement to a neutral legal mediator who helps to resolve the divorce.

Some of the topics a divorce mediator may cover are:

  • How to plan child custody and visitation
  • How financial support will be provided to the children
  • How marital property and debts will be divided
  • Who potentially will receive alimony (maintenance), and how much

If you can reach an agreement, the mediator will draft a Memorandum of Understanding. It will list all of the agreements made during the session. No one ‘wins’ during mediation; the idea is to come out of mediation with an agreement that works for both sides. Other benefits of divorce mediation are:

Less Time And Money

Many divorces take a long time and are expensive. If your case goes to court, it will probably take many months to get a time set with the judge. Some divorces can take over two years because of court scheduling problems. Most people do not want a divorce pending for that long.

On the other hand, divorce mediation can take less than three months. Therefore, ending your marriage faster allows you to move on and heal quicker. Also, you are not required to have a divorce lawyer if both parties agree to mediation, although it is strongly recommended that each party have a lawyer they can consult with. This will save thousands of dollars in court costs. Remember, many divorces cost $100,000 or more when child custody and significant assets are involved.

Mediation Is Fairer

Divorce lawyers are highly trained professionals, but hiring one means giving a lot of control to someone you do not know. In mediation, you are in control of your future. Hopefully, both sides can get what they want and leave the sessions satisfied.

Talk To A Chicago Divorce Mediator Now

Divorce is common in the United States. If you are in this situation, it is recommended to use divorce mediation to reduce the costs, time, and stress of this upsetting process. A Chicago divorce mediator can help to resolve your situation.

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