Can My Ex Force Me To Pay For Private School?

If you are considering a divorce in Illinois and have children, you may have questions that child support lawyers in Skokie can best address. Illinois state law has guidelines to determine what child support payments will be, but the court can decide on a different amount if the situation warrants it. For instance, what happens if the child goes to a pricey private school? Who will pay? It depends, as you will learn below. If you have additional child support questions, Gordon & Perlut, LLC, attorneys can assist and represent you.

Each Child’s Educational Needs And Situation Differs

Each child has a unique educational situation and needs. During the divorce, the parents may disagree on the type of education that is best for their child. You may be okay with your son going to public school, but the other parent wants him to go to private school.

The decision on every child custody case in the state is made by determining the child’s best interests. This is true whether the private school is brought up during the divorce or later. Some factors the court may consider when deciding between paying for a child’s private school are:

  • The educational history of the child
  • If the child has any special needs
  • The family history of children going to private school
  • How the child performs in school
  • Any special aptitudes or abilities the child possesses

The court also will consider if the child went to private school before the divorce. If they did, the court may state that the parents previously agreed that private school was good for the child. The court may want to avoid taking the child out of a private school previously attended; a stable environment for the child is always a key consideration.

Also, the court could consider each party’s ability to pay for private school tuition. If one parent cannot afford tuition, the court might change how expenses are paid. Or, the child could be changed to public school. Furthermore, the court could also consider which party supports the idea of the child being in private school. If one party wants it and the other wants public school, the court may consider this when deciding who pays how much.

The bottom line: The decision of whether private school tuition should be in child support payments will be made by the court after considering all relevant factors. Your judge has considerable discretion when making this important decision, although your family history on this issue is very important. This is why it is so critical to have fierce, experienced child support attorneys in the Chicago / Skokie area representing you.

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If you are getting divorced and have children, a common issue can be child support and who pays for private school. Depending on the family situation and expectations about the child’s education, it is possible that the court could decide that a spouse should pay for private school in addition to other child support obligations. If you are in this situation, our Skokie child support lawyers at Gordon & Perlut, LLC, have the experience and skill to represent your interests effectively. Please call (312) 360-0250 today to discuss your child support matter with one of our attorneys.