Chicago Divorce on a Budget

Chicago Divorce on a Budget: How to Keep Expenses Low During the Breakup of Your Marriage

By: M. Scott Gordon

Divorce in Chicago is rarely cheap. When it comes to the division of property, possessions, and even businesses, expenses tend to pile up. But if your marriage is effectively over, you should not have to delay divorce due to budgetary concerns. Here are some tips for going forward with your divorce without breaking the bank:

Foster Communication

If you are seeking a divorce, your relationship with your spouse is obviously not on the best terms. That said, even those in the rockiest of relationships can often settle disputes in a divorce with the right amount of mutual respect and communication. Communication saves money; nothing raises the cost of divorce more than conflict. Litigation, disputes over the division of assets, and other unpleasant conflicts can quickly rack up bills and lead to outcomes that neither party desires. If communication and negotiation with your spouse is possible, it is best to do so.

Stay Outside the Courts

Taking your divorce to trial is not the preferred method if you are trying to control expenses. There are many lower-cost options for couples in uncontested divorces, including:

  • Mediation – In mediation, a neutral third party acts as a guide throughout the divorce process, fostering agreement and a final divorce resolution. Many couples find that it is still useful to have their own private attorney in mediation.
  • Collaborative Divorce – In a collaborative divorce, you sign a written agreement ahead of time to resolve differences in a results-oriented atmosphere. This option avoids litigation while allowing all parties to air out disagreements and come to resolutions in a comfortable environment and in the presence of their attorneys.

Though alternatives to litigation will keep you out of court, your settlement will still require court approval. Your attorney can help you file the appropriate documents to ensure that this process is as smooth and efficient as possible.

Do it Right the First Time

There is a lot of room for error in a divorce. To keep costs low, you will want to ensure that all aspects of your divorce are handled properly from the beginning. Mistakes early on can not only cause undue conflict, but can significantly increase time and investment required in a divorce.

Find an Experienced Attorney

The divorce process is littered with potential roadblocks and unforeseen problems that can raise costs and cause untold frustration. For that reason alone, finding an attorney experienced in Illinois family law is a worthy investment. The right attorney will understand how to move your case forward in a way that makes sense for you and your finances
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