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At Gordon & Perlut, LLC, we know the value of a family. That is why our Cicero attorneys give high importance to child custody issues and work to resolve matters amicably to keep the relationships of children with both parents intact.

When children are involved in a divorce case, it takes a toll on their emotional wellbeing. After the decision is finalized, they are deprived of the combined love and care of both parents that they used to enjoy when their parents were living together. In such circumstances, it is best to have a compassionate and experienced attorney by your side who will put a great deal of emphasis on securing the future wellbeing of your children and help you realize what is in their best interest.

Dedicated Cicero Attorneys Helping Clients Handle Child Custody Issues

When seeking the legal services of an attorney in Cicero, Illinois to handle your child-related matters in a divorce case, you need someone who is experienced and has an intimate understanding of the latest laws and regulations.

At Gordon & Perlut, LLC, we believe that in order to provide the best results to clients, it is extremely important to stay up-to-date with the changing legal landscape. Our dedicated attorneys are well-versed in updated Illinois statutes pertaining to child custody and other family law concerns.

Changes to Illinois Laws Governing Child Custody Matters

Recently, several alterations were made to the Illinois Marriage and Dissolution of Marriage Act (IMDMA) that replaced the concepts of sole or joint custody. Now, parents are expected to play their part in raising their child even after divorce through an allocation of parental responsibilities. Each parent is also designated an adequate amount of parenting time based on several factors.

The parent with the most amount of parenting is granted physical custody of the child where they are required to meet their basic needs such as food, shelter, schooling, clothing, and others. Both parents are allocated specific responsibilities based on the role they used to play in their child’s life before the divorce.

The new law has also placed changed limitations on custodial parent’s relocation. If they want to move more than a certain distance away from the other parent, they will have to get permission from the court before they can relocate. All of these determinations are laid out in the parenting plan – a comprehensive legal document comprising of details of the child custody order.

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At Gordon & Perlut, LLC, we know how important your children are to you, and will assist you in fighting for what is best for them. Our Cicero attorneys strive to negotiate fair child custody arrangements and aggressively advocate your interests and rights to help you obtain a favorable outcome for your case. Contact Gordon & Perlut, LLC today at 312.360.0250 or use our online form to schedule an initial consultation. Our Cicero child custody attorneys will be happy to discuss your case.


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