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Evanston Child Custody LawyerAll parents who are divorcing will be required under the law to come to an arrangement regarding the custody of any of their children. While some parents are able to work together to reach this agreement amicably, others struggle, disagreeing, and even fighting about what’s best for a child. At the Law Offices of Gordon & Perlut, LLC, our Evanston child custody lawyers can work with you as you and your spouse navigate the complex issue of reaching a child custody arrangement, now known as a Judgment For Allocation of Parental Responsibilities. Call us today to learn more about how we can help.

Creating a Parenting Plan in Illinois

When parents are divorcing or separating, they are tasked with the responsibility of creating a parenting plan. The parenting plan should outline the type of “custody” arrangement the parents will have (sole or joint decision making), with whom the child will live primarily, how much “visitation” (parenting) time the child will have with the other parent and when, how decisions pertaining to the child will be made, how the child will be transported between parents’ homes, how disagreements relating to the child will be resolved, and more.

Parents should work together to find answers to the above questions. The help of a third party, including a professional mediator, can help.

When Parents Cannot Agree

When parents cannot agree and divorce mediation fails, each parent can ask the court to make a “custody” decision on the family’s behalf. If a court is responsible for making a determination about the allocation of parental responsibilities (child custody), it must do so by considering the best interests of the child. The best interests of the child are determined by considering factors such as the relationship the child has with each parent, the child’s preferences, the health of all parties, the wishes of the parents, and more.

Each parent will be responsible for presenting the court with evidence that their proposed custody arrangement supports the child’s best interests. Examples of evidence might include:

  • Proof of one parent providing care for the child (i.e. picking the child up from school, preparing the child’s meals, reading to the child before bed, etc.);
  • Evidence that shows that the other parent is unfit (including social media evidence); and
  • Opinions of third parties, including the child’s teachers, other parents, a school counselor, or a professional child psychologist.

Working with a Child Custody Lawyer Is a Must

When you are getting a divorce, maintaining civility with your partner should be a priority, especially if you have children; contention between parents can be psychologically damaging for a child. That being said, even the most respectful of conversations do not always result in an agreement, and if you and your spouse cannot agree, you’ll need to go to court.

Working with a lawyer who understands the law and how to establish your child’s best interests is necessary; there is too much on the line to attempt to represent yourself.

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