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If there is one thing that sticks out as being particularly challenging about getting a divorce in Illinois, it is determining with whom a child will live once the divorce is finalized. For many couples, reaching a “child custody” (now known as “Allocation of Parental Responsibilities”) determination feels impossible; parties simply cannot agree as to what is in the best of the child.

At the law office of Gordon & Perlut, LLC, Divorce and Family Law Attorneys, our legal team understands how sensitive child custody matters are, and wants to help you effectively navigate your case.

Who Makes Decisions About Allocation of Parental Responsibilities / Child Custody?

Lincolnwood Child Custody Lawyer In Illinois, parents of a child are the parties who have the most decision-making power regarding child custody. In fact, if parents can reach an agreement about child custody, which they are encouraged to do, then the court will usually approve the agreement. For this reason, parents should work together while pursuing a divorce to create a parenting plan that answers questions such as with whom the child will live, what the parenting schedule will be, with whom the child will spend the holidays and school breaks, how the child will be transported from home to home, and more.

How the Court Makes a Decision About Allocation of Parental Responsibilities / Child Custody

Of course, mediation and negotiations may fail, and parents with a particularly contentious history may be unable to work together to create a parenting plan that works for all parties. When this is the situation, the case will be heard before the court, which will issue a decision about child custody based on the child’s best interests. The best interests of the child are decided following the consideration of numerous factors, including:

  • The wishes of the child;
  • The child’s adjustment to home and community;
  • The mental and physical needs of the child;
  • The health and mental and physical fitness of the parents;
  • The ability of parents to work together;
  • The wishes of the parents;
  • The willingness of each parent to work together to foster a relationship between the child and the other parent;
  • The logistics involved (i.e. distance to transport the child from one home to another); and
  • Any other factors the court finds relevant.

Our Lincolnwood Child Custody / Allocation of Parental Responsibilities Lawyers Can Help

Our lawyers understand how emotional and taxing a child custody dispute can be. We want to help you and your spouse work together to reach an agreement that puts your child first and works for both of you; if such an agreement is impossible, we can aggressively advocate for you, gathering and presenting evidence to the court highlighting your abilities as a parent, and the fact that the child’s best interests are best served by remaining in your care.

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