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When parents decide that remaining married is no longer the right choice for them, they also have to answer another, more difficult question: where will their child live? This issue can be one of the most contentious issues in a divorce, as well as one of the most emotional. Our Norridge child custody lawyers from the law office of Gordon & Perlut, LLC will explain the laws regarding child custody decisions to you, and help you work with your spouse to reach a decision that’s best for everyone.

Who Gets Custody of a Child in Illinois?

Norridge Child Custody LawyerChild “custody” is now known as “Allocation of Parental Responsibilities”. The state of Illinois holds that any custody decision that is made must be within a child’s “best interests.” The best interests of a child are figured by considering various factors, such as the wishes of the child (if they are of an age where voicing such a preference is reasonable), the needs of the child and the ability of the parent to meet those needs, the child’s adjustment to home and community, each parent’s ability and willingness to foster a healthy and loving relationship between the child and the other parent, and more.

How Is a Custody Determination Made?

Our Norridge child custody lawyers are passionate about helping parents collaborate to make tough decisions about child custody. It is always the preference of the court, and usually the parents too, that child custody decisions are made by parents outside of the courtroom through mediation and negotiation. Our lawyers can represent you in any discussions with your spouse, and help you to create a parenting plan that works for all parties.

When parents cannot form an agreement outside of the courtroom, unfortunately, going before a court may be the only option. When this is necessary, a judge, not the parents, will make a determination about custody.

Modifying a Child Custody Order in Norridge

While a court’s decision is “final” and results in a Judgment For Allocation of Parental Responsibilities, it is possible for parents to petition the court for a modification of a child custody order at a later date. Filing a petition for modification is permissible when either party has experienced a significant change in circumstance. For example, if one parent is in a car crash and can no longer administer self-care, let alone care for a child, a modification will likely be appropriate. Our Norridge child custody lawyers also represent clients in modification cases.

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Understanding your rights and your options in a child custody case can be difficult. Because there is so much on the line, it’s not worth taking the risk of representing yourself in a child custody case; instead, you should consult with a qualified attorney.

At the law office of Gordon & Perlut, LLC, our Norridge child custody lawyers are passionate about what we do. We know how important this case is for you, and will deliver nothing short of excellent service. For your initial consultation, please call our law firm today to get started.

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