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What is Child Support?

Cicero Child SupportChild support is the payment that is made by one parent to their partner after a separation/divorce as assistance for the proper care of their children. Child support is usually payable until the child reaches (18) years of age and graduates from high school, but can also be stopped earlier if the child marries, or becomes self-sufficient.

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New Illinois Child Support Law

On July 1, 2017, the laws governing paid child support were amended and are now based on two factors:

  • The joint income of both parents
  • The total amount of parenting time given to each parent by the court

Under the new Illinois law – first, the net income of both parents is calculated and added together to make a grand total; second, the average amount to be spent on supporting an appropriate number of children is determined (with the use of the table provided by HFS); and third, this average amount spent (for the support of the appropriate number of children) is divided between the two parties (based on the percentage of the net income that is contributed to the total net income by each parent).

The parent who has been awarded the majority of time with their children by the court is presumed to pay their share of child support, while the parent who has been awarded the least amount of time with their children pays their share of child support to the other parent.

The new law also addresses the situation pertaining to payer parents with regards to any additional downward adjustment. For instance, the new law includes an additional downward adjustment in child support payments to the party that has a total of 146 or more overnights per annum with their children.

To take away any confusion regarding the updates to the law, a table has been created by the State of Illinois which addresses the matter in detail. To get the complete breakdown of the new law, click below.

Income Shares Schedule Based on New Income

The changes to the new statute bring about fairness and consistency when it comes to a delicate situation such as determining the amount of child support owed by a parent.

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