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Norridge Child Support LawyerIf you are a parent and you are not living with your child’s other parent–either as a result of separation or divorce or because you never lived together–then chances are that you are either entitled to or obligated to make, child support payments. Indeed, the law holds that both parents are financially responsible for their child; the court assumes that the custodial parent is already fulfilling this obligation by virtue of having custody, and therefore orders the non-custodial parent to make child support payments.

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How to Request a Child Support Order in Norridge

If you are a custodial parent in Illinois and the child’s other parent is not living with you and your child, then you have the right to request child support. In order to do so, you will need to do the following:

  • Establish parentage/paternity – If you are a mother seeking child support and you were not married to your child’s father at the time of birth, then paternity of the child must be established before child support may be sought.
  • If you are separating or divorcing, you may file papers with the court requesting child support as part of your pending case. You may also file a separate child support case if you choose to do so. It is strongly recommended that you work with a Norridge child support lawyer.
  • Contact the Illinois Department of Healthcare and Family Services – Division of Child Support Services, which can pursue a child support order on your behalf. The Division of Child Support Services can also be helpful in enforcing an existing child support order.

How Is a Child Support Award Determined?

In Illinois, a child support award is determined by using the income shares model. This model considers both parents’ income in making a child support determination. Essentially, the model considers the amount of support that the child would have received had the parents stayed together and then makes an assumption that the custodial parent is already paying their portion of this and asks the noncustodial parent to make up the difference. For example, say that parents make a combined gross income of $4,100, with the noncustodial parent contributing $2,500, or nearly 61 percent of that. The guidelines hold that a child with parents who make a combined income of $4,100 is entitled to nearly $850 in monthly child support payment; the noncustodial parent would be asked to pay 61 percent of that amount, or about $518. Of course, this amount may be adjusted if parents share custody, if the child has special needs, or if other special circumstances apply.

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