Conversations All Couples Should Have Before Marriage

You met the love of your life in Skokie near the Emily Oats Nature Center and Northshore Sculpture Park. Naturally, you want to get married. Before committing, you should have a frank conversation with your potential partner about common marital issues.

Doing so can help you avoid serious problems that may lead to divorce.
Before tying the knot, you should talk to your partner about the topics below. If you have questions about divorce, talk to our Skokie family law attorneys at Gordon & Perlut, LLC.

Money And Finance

One of the most common disagreements in marriage is money. When discussing marriage, it is essential to talk to your partner about how they view money. Questions to ask your partner are:

  • Do you like to save or spend money? Which gives you more satisfaction?
  • If you have extra money every month, what do you do with it?
  • Do you want to have separate or joint bank accounts?
  • How will you split the expenses?
  • How do you budget money? Do you budget?

Your Family

Another common sore spot with married couples is their extended families. Talk to your partner about their family and find out how well they get along. Also, ask about family traditions and how they expect you will spend your holidays. If your spouse comes from a different ethnic or religious background, discussing how they view family and related matters is critical.


Men tend to withdraw when there is conflict in a relationship, and women usually want to communicate. This difference between men and women is part of physiology. However, it is a typical marriage pattern and can lead to significant issues.

To avoid communication problems, find out if your partner tends to withdraw during an argument to avoid communication problems. Knowing how your partner communicates is vital.

Having Children

Some spouses want children, and some do not, which is a big problem in many divorces. Also, partners have different parenting styles; some are more permissive, while others are strict.

Also, discuss how marriage will change when children enter the picture. Some people want their lives to revolve around children. These people want everything they do outside work to be about the kids. However, while they love their children, other parents want to pursue their careers and hobbies.

Marriage is terrific, but there can be a lot of conflict and stress. Communicating with your partner about these hot-button topics gives you a better chance of avoiding divorce court.

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Divorce happens in about ¼ of marriages today, but there are ways to avoid it. Talking to your potential spouse about common marital issues can help keep your union strong.

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