COVID emergency orders of protection

The pressure on couples right now is intense, especially for people already under stress. Initial reports nationwide are that incidents of violence in the home have increased exponentially over the past month. If you are trapped at home during this crisis and are being abused, you do not need to accept that situation. Our courts are open during this COVID crisis, and you should not hesitate to seek protection.

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Not everyone can file a Petition For Order of Protection, but if you are trapped at home with an abusive spouse, boyfriend/girlfriend, or other family members, you certainly qualify under the law to ask for help. “Protection” is not just protection from physical violence; it can also be “harassment” (conduct that has no purpose except to cause emotional distress) – this also includes stalking or hiding your child from you. “Protection” may also be needed for an older or otherwise dependent adult who is being “intimidated”, either physically or by depriving that person of what they need, or taking advantage of them financially.

This is not a complete summary of the Illinois Domestic Violence law, but we want you to understand that while millions of Americans are “staying-in-place” at home, many are trapped in terrible situations. While the courts appear closed, they are in fact open to a certain extent, especially in situations to protect the public. For a more detailed look at how the law works, please visit

You can file your Petition For Order of Protection without notice to your abuser. If the Court grants your request, you will be given a 21day order and your case will be heard again with the abuser given the opportunity to defend themselves. While it is not assured, the Judge has the power to remove the abuser from the home immediately, with the Police.

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If you need help, call us to assist you in preparing the proper Petition and other documentation, so that we can then present the Petition in Court and get you the relief you need. One of the experienced attorneys at our firm can speak with you today about your situation and options for making a plan. Contact Gordon & Perlut, LLC to learn more about the services we provide to clients in the Chicago area.