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Once a marriage breaks down, it is important for a couple to not only consider their financial arrangements but also their children. When it comes to getting a divorce, every case requires a different approach. Retaining an experienced lawyer from Gordon & Perlut, LLC means you get an advocate that can offer you the highest degree of legal representation during your case.

Making the Right Choice

When it comes to the delicate task of dissolving a marriage, it is easy to go into an adversarial mindset. But to come to an appropriate agreement to settling family and finance-specific situations during a divorce, you need to engage a skillful and experienced attorney that will get you the results you seek. There are two ways under which couples can go about their divorce agreement.

Uncontested Divorce

The first is known as ‘Uncontested Divorce’ where both parties in the divorce agree to the specified terms of the agreement and the settlement. This process involves traditional negotiation by representatives of both parties. This spares both parties from having to go through the process of a contested case, which can be extremely stressful. An uncontested divorce is also less expensive and allows both parties to come to a suitable agreement that’s finalized by court order.

Contested Divorce

Oak Park Divorce

The second type of Oak Park Divorce or case in Illinois is a ‘Contested Divorce.’ This is when either one or both parties do not come to an agreement on ancillary issues. This requires the parties to appear before a judge, who then issues a ruling. In situations where highly emotional issues are at stake, such as financial issues or child custody, a contested divorce is the only way forward. Regardless of your circumstance, Gordon & Perlut, LLC can guide you through every step of the way during your Oak Park divorce.

Why Gordon & Perlut, LLC?

Gordon & Perlut, LLC has developed a strong reputation for delivering results for our clients in and around Oak Park. While going through a divorce in the State of Illinois, you are going to require the proper legal representation and advice on the best way to move forward. As an accomplished Oak Park divorce law firm, Gordon & Perlut, LLC allows you to rely on professionals who are always thorough, committed to your cause, and are able to utilize their knowledge and experience to help obtain a favorable outcome.

Your Divorce Deserves the Attention of an Experienced Attorney

If you’re considering a divorce in Oak Park, then you are going to need the services of an experienced lawyer. To find out more about your options during a divorce, please feel free to contact Gordon & Perlut, LLC at 312.360.0250.

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