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Divorces are complex and involve a lot of stress, anger, sadness, and confusion for everyone involved in the process. At Gordon & Perlut, LLC, we work as the advocates of women and assist them to transition through this life-changing event in the most stress-free way possible. We opt for a specialized approach and help you understand your legal options and rights, and work with you to develop a strategy for the best way forward.

Women’s Divorce Lawyers Committed to Serving Women in Wilmette, IL

We empower women through our legal services and assist them in handling legal, personal, and financial difficulties in family courts. Our attorneys make the entire process less stressful and more manageable by enlightening you with relevant information about your case and responding to your individual needs. Our goal is to assist women in achieving the best possible support, favorable custody arrangements, emotional peace of mind, and financial security necessary to help you restart your life after the divorce has been settled.

At Gordon & Perlut, LLC, we provide you with complete legal solutions for all your divorce-related issues. Whatever challenges you may face during or after the divorce, we have the dedication, resources, and experience to help you overcome them.

Helping you with Issues Affecting you and your Children

During the divorce proceedings, our Wilmette divorce lawyers will work with you to negotiate several issues that affect you and your children, including:

  • Assignment of Parental Responsibilities: According to the new Illinois child custody laws introduced in 2016, there will be no residential custody and courts will decide on the responsibilities to be assigned to each parent for different aspects of a child’s life. We help you secure your rights to make major decisions for your child and get appropriate parenting time.
  • The Marital Residence: Our attorneys will help you work through the complexities of whether you should continue to live in your house after the divorce or if it will better to sell it depending on your circumstances. Since Illinois is an equitable distribution state, we will fight for getting a property arrangement that is best for you.
  • Division of Assets / Debts: The Court will need to divide your assets and debts in an “equitable” manner. While this sounds simple, the Court will need to understand your situation and what you need from your spouse to maintain you and your children’s standard of living. We will work with you throughout the process to ensure you do not fall into an unfavorable position in any of the critical aspects of your case.

Discuss your case with our Women’s Divorce Lawyers in Wilmette, IL

Whether you are going through a divorce or contemplating dissolving your marriage, you will need skilled legal counsel to understand the legalities of the process. At Gordon & Perlut, LLC, we have 15 years of experience in helping women to fight for their rights and secure their best interests.

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