Do I Have To Go To Court To Change Parenting Time Schedule?

Do I Have To Go To Court To Change Parenting Time Schedule?

By: Gordon & Perlut, LLC

Children generally do better when they are able to form loving relationships with both parents. In cases of divorce or when the parents are unmarried, the court typically encourages child time-sharing. Making these arrangements involves the use of parenting plans, which detail each person’s rights regarding custody, visitation, and other important issues. The parenting plan is then incorporated into an Allocation Judgment of Parental Responsibilities.

Once a parenting time schedule is put in place through the Cook County court, both parents are required to follow it. You do have to go back to court if you want to make changes. Our experienced Skokie child custody lawyers explain more about the process and when this may be an option.

Child Time-Sharing and Parenting Time In Skokie and the Chicago Area

Issues pertaining to children are among the most sensitive and the primary concern of the court is to ensure their best interests are protected. In the past, child custody and visitation were terms used to describe arrangements between divorced or unmarried parents.

Child time-sharing plans acknowledge the important role both parents play in a child’s life and reflects the trend to joint custody arrangements. Parenting time addresses the specific details involved in these plans. This includes:

  • Where the child will be residing during the week
  • Rights to weekend visits
  • Extended visits over holidays, school breaks, and other special occasions
  • Arrangements for exchanges (where pick-ups and drop-offs are made)

The time to speak up regarding any scheduling concerns or other issues you may have is while parenting time is being negotiated. Once a Cook County parenting plan is put in place through the Allocation Judgment, both parties are required to follow it and can face serious penalties for failing to do so.

Making Changes To Parenting Time In Skokie

You must go to court if you want to make changes in your parenting time schedule. Simply failing to follow the plan could result in contempt of court charges. This could result in fines and in some cases, actually jeopardize your parental rights.

To protect yourself and your child, speak to our Chicago or Skokie child custody attorneys before taking action. We can assist you in filing for a parenting plan modification through the Cook County Court. You must have a good reason for making this request, particularly if the other parent is not in agreement. Valid reasons for wanting to change parenting time include:

  • There are significant changes in your own or the child’s schedule.
  • You have a valid reason for wanting to relocate to another area.
  • The other parent has failed to comply with the current parenting schedule.
  • The other parent is engaging in activities that put you or your child at risk.

Request A Consultation With Our Skokie Child Custody Attorneys

Before making any changes to your parenting time schedule, reach out to Gordon & Perlut, LLC. first. We can guide you in the best, most efficient way to modify existing arrangements while making sure your legal rights are protected. To request a consultation, call our trusted Skokie child custody attorneys today at (847) 329-0101.