Domestic Violence, Divorce and Your Options

Domestic Violence, Divorce and Your Options

By: Gordon & Perlut, LLC

Domestic violence in Skokie or the surrounding Chicago area can take the form of physical, emotional, verbal, or sexual abuse. Separating yourself from an abusive partner is a top priority, but problems can arise if you have children together. Our knowledgeable and skilled Skokie area child custody attorneys explain the impact domestic violence has in these situations and ways to protect your family in child custody proceedings.

Domestic Violence Impacts An Abusive Parent’s Right To Custody

According to the Illinois Coalition Against Domestic Violence (ILCADV), over 50,000 people throughout the state are survivors of domestic abuse. Nearly 10,000 of these are children, who may not be abused themselves, but are considered child witnesses.

Seeing one parent abuse another takes a heavy toll on children. Whether it involves physical, emotional, or other types of domestic violence, children may experience the following symptoms:

  • Becoming overly anxious and fearful
  • Being clingy with the abused parent and not wanting to be separated from them
  • Not doing well in school, such as difficulty in making friends or acting out in class
  • Suffering from sleep or eating disorders
  • Reverting to previously abandoned childlike behaviors, such as thumb sucking and bedwetting

In addition to the suffering domestic violence causes you, it can be devastating to see the impact it has on your child. Making the decision to leave your abuser is an important first step, but it can come as a shock to find out they still have certain rights in regard to child custody.

Domestic Violence and Child Custody In Skokie and the Chicago Area: Ways To Protect Yourself And Your Family

When domestic violence is an issue in your relationship, it is important to let others know. Ways in which you can protect yourself include:

  • Notify law enforcement officials when your partner makes threats or is abusive
  • Get a restraining order, which can require your partner to keep away from you, your children, and your home
  • Seek support and counseling through domestic violence groups in our area
  • Inform close family or friends of the situation

These actions can help you recover from domestic violence. They can also help protect your children in Skokie and other area child custody proceedings. Under the Illinois marriage dissolution statutes, there are a number of factors the judge in your case will consider in approving child parenting time arrangements, but the top priority is making sure the child’s best interests are protected.

Police reports, a restraining order, and statements from counselors or others who are aware of the situation can help to prevent an abusive partner from taking part in any parenting plans. While they may still be entitled to some contact with your children, it is likely to be supervised visitation.

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