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Des Plaines Divorce Mediation

Divorce can be a messy, time-consuming process that leaves both parties feeling drained. What’s worse is that it can have a negative impact on the rest of the family and the children, too. A mediator, or neutral third party, can help ensure that the process runs a lot smoother and more efficiently. For example, divorce mediation can help the divorcees come to an agreement in a legal and controlled manner.

Mediation vs. Going to Court

Typically, mediation is a much-preferred alternative because it costs less than going to court and proceeding with a hearing or trial. What’s even better is that the court does not dictate the process. Both parties have control, not the court. If you need help with your divorce but don’t want to suffer lengthy court battles, consider Gordon & Perlut, LLC, who provide mediation services to clients in the Des Plaines, Illinois area.

Automobiles, homes, and personal possessions will need to be distributed, but there are other considerations as well. Further details will need to be ironed out such as who maintains legal custody of children and when the parenting time is for parents. A mediator can assist both parents in coming to an agreement.

Finding a Mediator

Divorce proceedings can be a headache, so make sure you consider mediation as a cheaper, less stressful alternative. No matter your choice, make certain there is an attorney working for you. If you live in the Des Plaines, Illinois area and are in need of divorce mediation, call mediator and lawyer M. Scott Gordon at 847.329.0101. The combined years of experience at Gordon & Perlut, LLC can help protect your family. Call us today to learn how we can serve you.


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