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Let’s face it, there is little in our lives more important than our families, loved ones, and children. Most people would do everything in their power to make sure their children are loved and cared for. At Gordon & Perlut, LLC, we are proud to say that our profession is helping families. If you live in Northbrook, Illinois, or the Greater Chicago area, we want to help protect your family and loved ones by offering our insight and experience with guardianship law. Our combined years of experience with family law can help you gain peace of mind and rest assured that your children are safe in your absence. We can help assuage your fears by facilitating legal guardianship.

The Need for Guardianship

If neither parent can provide adequate care for their children, it is necessary to appoint a legal guardian. Whether it is due to financial issues or untimely health issues, it is in the best interest of the child to make sure they appropriately cared for as they grow and develop into adulthood.

Types of Guardianship

While it’s true that guardianship can offer your children the best care they deserve in your absence, guardianship isn’t just for children. Many times incapacitated adults or elderly loved ones also require legal guardianship. This is usually required when it is determined that a disabled adult or senior lacks the ability to care for themselves or their property. Whether you seek guardianship for a child or a senior, our experience with family law can help protect your loved ones.

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At Gordon & Perlut, LLC, our profession is helping families. We are passionate about protecting families and children, and we take pride in our work. If you live in Northbrook, Illinois, or the greater Chicago area, call Gordon & Perlut, LLC at 847.329.0101 today for a free initial phone consultation.

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