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Fathers’ Rights in Park Ridge, Illinois

Divorce can be hard on children and upset a family. Custody proceedings, child support, and visitation arrangements, while necessary aspects of a divorce, can cause familial tension and resentment. At times it may seem as though the courts always favor the mother, leaving the father with inadequate time to spend with his children. It may feel like the law can infringe upon a father’s love for his children, however, a father absolutely has the right to spend time with and parent his children.

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If you live in Park Ridge, Illinois, or the greater Chicago area, consider seeking help from the lawyers of Gordon & Perlut, LLC. We have an intimate understanding of the law and no one understands fathers’ rights better than we do. Agreements, settlements, and court orders need to be properly negotiated or may need to be altered, modified, and renegotiated. Circumstances change over time, and as they do, they can affect a parent’s ability to provide adequate care for their children. If you feel that you need legal help to protect your rights as a father, consider leveraging the experience of Gordon & Perlut, LLC to protect your rights as a father.

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The lawyers of Gordon & Perlut, LLC work tirelessly to help families. We understand how difficult familial transitions can be, and we have over two decades of experience helping people in the same position as you. If you are a resident of Park Ridge, Illinois or the Greater Chicago area and you feel that your rights as a father need to be protected, consider seeking our help. Our knowledge of family law can help to defend your rights. Don’t wait any longer and call us today at 847.329.0101. You have nothing to lose from an initial free phone consultation.

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