Mediation and Alternatives

Mediation, ADR & Litigation Alternatives

When appropriate mediation and other alternatives to litigation are often faster and more cost-effective than courtroom litigation. We offer mediation and conflict resolution services directly to parties in family law litigation, and we also offer legal assistance and advice to clients using third party mediators and need guidance as they proceed through the mediation process.

Mediation, conflict resolution, and collaborative law

Mediation, conflict resolution, and collaborative law: We offer all of these services to clients.

Mediation is parties hiring us to assist them in resolving their divorce or other family law dispute in a cooperative manner. In this situation, in which we are hired as the mediator, we do not represent either party and act as trained neutrals to assist the parties in resolving their conflict. Often, each party will have their own outside attorneys they can consult for advice during the negotiation and mediation process.

Collaborative law is each party hiring an attorney who agrees to resolve the family law dispute through negotiation and without resorting to courtroom litigation. In some cases, this may be appropriate.

Representation in mediation. We often represent one party who has agreed with their spouse to use the services of a mediator. Even in those situations, each party can benefit from acquiring an attorney who represents their interests and can give them advice and guidance as they seek to negotiate a peaceful resolution to their case.

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