Habits that Can Send Your Marriage Into Divorce

While day-to-day issues between spouses may seem small at first, these habits can escalate over time, and in the most serious situations, these problems can ultimately lead to divorce. At Gordon & Perlut, LLC our Skokie divorce attorneys are here to identify some habits that can send your marriage into divorce or help you file the petition to end your marriage in Illinois. For more information and for a consultation on your case from a qualified lawyer, call or contact our office today.

Home Habits

Home habits trigger up to three out of every ten divorces. Splitting the housework is one of the most common examples, where one spouse feels like they are putting in all the effort on housework or a couple failed to discuss how housework would be split between them prior to the marriage. Failing to pick up after oneself is another bad habit that can lead to divorce over time, which is an issue for more men than women in traditional marriages.

Emotional Habits

Bad emotional habits are another area that can lead to divorce. Having a lack of compassion for a spouse during a difficult time, such as after the loss of a job, family member, or miscarriage, is a commonly cited reason for divorce. Ignoring a partner, either unintentionally or intentionally, because of stress at work or a fight between the couple is another bad emotional habit. Much of this centers around a failure to communicate, which can be one-sided or an issue that both spouses in the relationship struggle with; however, if the issue is not dealt with it can lead to a divorce.

Extracurricular Habits

Bad habits can also extend into extracurricular activities. Spending too much time on a hobby or out with others can isolate a spouse and make them resentful. Drinking too much or having a substance abuse addiction is also a common reason for divorce. When work or fun takes a spouse out of the house, failing to let the other spouse know when they will be home or coming home late is often a small issue that can grow into something bigger over time.
Financial Habits

Lastly, financial habits can start small but ultimately lead to a divorce. These may be secretive bad habits, such as a shopping or gambling addiction, or it could be hiding a substantial amount of credit card debt. Trying to control family finances or living beyond your means are two other bad habits that could lead to divorce between a couple, as does spending money on things outside the marriage without your spouse’s knowledge or consent. To learn more about the bad habits that could lead to divorce, talk to our office today.

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