How Does The Court Decide Visitation In Illinois?

Child custody is usually a major sticking point when you get divorced. Fortunately, experienced child custody lawyers in Skokie can fight for your rights so you can see your children as much as possible. Talk to our Skokie child custody lawyer at Gordon & Perlut, LLC today for assistance.

How Will Child Visitation Be Handled In Your Divorce?

While we no longer use the term “custody” in Illinois (the term now is “allocation of parental responsibilities”) if you receive what we used to refer to as joint custody in Illinois, a joint parenting agreement is in effect. This lays out each parent’s rights and responsibilities for each child. The parenting agreement also has steps to resolve parenting disputes.

However, if the court finds you are not responsible enough or cannot cooperate with your spouse for “joint custody”, then sole decision-making is provided to one parent. Sole decision-making/custody means one parent has the right to decide significant issues in each child’s life.

However, that decision-making does not mean you do not have visitation rights with your child. The schedule set forth in your final Order will decide your parenting time for visitation that the ex-spouses agree to. The court will set the visitation schedule.

The visitation schedule could have roughly equal parenting time. However, it also could state that one of the parents will have more time with the child than the other.

Can The Judge Order No Visitation Or Supervised Visitation In Illinois?

Yes. If the judge decides a parent is unfit, they may be provided with supervised visits. That means they can only see the child when a responsible adult is present. This service will need to be paid if you need a social worker to supervise the child visitation. This can cost more than $20 per hour, so it is best if you have a friend or family member agree to supervise you.

What Happens To Child Custody And Visitation If You Move?

What if you live in Skokie near the Westfield Old Orchard and Northshore Sculpture Park? Under state law, a parent moving to another city or state that is more than 25 miles away can cause a change in child custody. Therefore, the moving parent must tell the other parent and file a notice with the family court. You cannot move and take the child without this notice and approval of the Court.

If the moving parent provides notice to the court and the other parent says ok, they can move. However, if the other parent does not sign off, you must file a court petition to approve the move.

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