How Long Do I Have to Pay College Expenses For a Child In Illinois?

How Long Do I Have to Pay College Expenses For a Child In Illinois?

By: Gordon & Perlut, LLC

Child support in Illinois ensures that children are provided for in cases where parents are divorced or unmarried and no longer in a relationship. It can help ensure their material needs are met and that they have the advantages necessary to succeed and thrive in life. This often includes getting a college education. Our child support attorney in Skokie explains that while child support ends once your son or daughter turns 18 or graduates from high school, the Court can still require both parents to contribute in order to cover their college expenses.

When Support Is Ordered To Cover College Expenses

Children have the right to receive financial support from both parents, regardless of their relationship. In cases where the parents are unmarried or divorced, child support payments may be ordered through the Cook County Domestic Relations Court.

Generally, child support payments are scheduled to last up until the child reaches the age of 18, or 19 if they are still in high school. However, a judge can order both parents to contribute financially after child support has ended if the child chooses to continue their education and requires financial help to meet their college expenses. Factors that are likely to influence awarding child support to cover college costs include:

  • Each parent’s individual income and assets
  • The overall financial needs of the child
  • The total expected costs of their education
  • Their academic performance thus far in school
  • Their chosen college, their major, and their overall chances of success in college
  • Any special circumstances surrounding the situation, such as a child with special needs

If the court determines child support for college expenses is warranted, the judge has the authority to order each parent to pay. These payments may be required up until the child turns 23, or if good cause is shown and they are still in school, up until their 25th birthday.

What College Expenses Are Covered?

The child in question must sign a consent form granting the parent access to their academic records, their grades, and their college transcripts. They must also maintain a cumulative “C” grade point average throughout their college career and during the time the college support is being paid. Under the Illinois child support Statutes, common types of college expenses that may be covered by child support include:

  • College preparatory classes and entrance exams
  • The costs of applications for up to five schools
  • All tuition, room, and board, capped at the instate rate for the University of Illinoi
  • Textbooks and lab fee
  • Extracurricular and recreational expenses
  • Transportation cost
  • Medical care

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