How Parenting Time is Allotted in Illinois

How Parenting Time is Allotted in Illinois

By: Gordon & Perlut, LLC

As a parent, time spent with your child is precious. If you are going through a divorce, you may have concerns about more limited interactions and how this could impact your child and the important role you play in their lives.

Fortunately, parenting plans are generally used in these proceedings, which can help protect both your rights and your relationship with your children. Gordon & Perlut, LLC’s family law attorneys in Chicago and our region explain how parenting time in Illinois is allotted and what to expect as a result of these proceedings.

Factors In Allotting Parenting Time In Illinois

In cases where parents are going through a divorce or unmarried and not living together, a child custody order is recommended to ensure both your rights and the best interests of your child are protected. Under the Illinois Statutes (750 ILCS 5/600), the court is generally in favor of parenting plans that allow both parties to remain active and engaged in the child’s life.

This often involves joint or co-parenting arrangements. A parenting plan may be negotiated through the parent’s attorneys or through mediation, or by presenting evidence before a judge and having them issue an order in the case. Important factors the court will consider in allotting parenting time in Illinois include:

  • Each parent’s current relationship with the child
  • Their prior relationship and proven ability to meet the child’s needs
  • Their ability to cooperate with the other parent in implementing a parenting plan
  • Any issues, such as allegations of drug or alcohol abuse, domestic violence, or other criminal activity, could put the child at risk

Parenting Time In Illinois: What To Expect

Parenting time in Illinois will be determined in proceedings held through the local circuit court. Reviewing official parenting plan forms provided by the court can help you get a better idea of what to expect. Parental responsibilities are generally allocated between both parties involved, depending on the specific circumstances. This includes allotting each parent certain rights in regards to the following:

  • Parenting Time: Options include equal parenting time, or something that works better for your child, given each parent’s work schedule, the child’s needs, etc.
  • Legal custody: This involves the right to make important decisions on behalf of the child, such as regarding their medical care, education, and religious holidays. The court may allocate joint decision making to both parents, or award decision making authority to one of the parents.
  • Extended visits and holidays: Your parenting plan will address how time over the holidays is allotted between each parent and the right to extended visits during school breaks or other special occasions.
  • Pick-up and drop-off arrangements: Including these arrangements helps prevent disputes.
  • Provisions for resolving problems: Certain problems that arise may prompt a return to court.

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