How To Avoid Unnecessary Costs In An Illinois Divorce

Filing for divorce is one of the most challenging experiences people go through. Unfortunately, approximately ¼ of marriages end in divorce. One of the aspects that make divorce so difficult is the expense. A simple, uncontested divorce may cost only a few thousand dollars, but a complicated divorce can set you back $100,000.

However, there are ways to reduce the cost of your Illinois divorce. If you have questions about divorce, talk to the Chicago divorce lawyers at Gordon & Perlut, LLC.

Be Prepared When Meeting With Your Lawyer

Chicago divorce attorneys, like most places, bill by the hour. It is possible to reduce your divorce bill by using their time in the most efficient way possible. How?

Be sure you are prepared for every meeting with your divorce attorney. Whether you will discuss child custody, property division, or alimony, come to the meeting with all the necessary documents. For example, have a list of your shared assets and debts and essential financial documents.

The divorce will be more expensive if your attorney has to dig for information. Avoid this expense by doing some of the administrative and prep work yourself.

Decide What Is Most Important

In a perfect world in a divorce, you might get the house, child custody, and most of your shared assets. However, that probably will not happen in the real world. So, figure out which fights are worth the most money to you.

For example, if having custody of your two children is more important than keeping the house, tell your attorney. Inform them about what matters most to you, so they know how to allocate your resources most efficiently.

Remember, you need to be ready to negotiate in any divorce. The costliest divorces are always when the spouses cannot negotiate an agreement without getting the court involved, conducting a Trial, etc. If you can compromise, you can save thousands in legal fees. You can win the house in court, but is it worth $50,000 in additional costs?

Consider An Uncontested Divorce

An uncontested divorce where both sides share an attorney is the least expensive. Unfortunately, it’s often impossible to have a divorce uncontested. However, if both parties can agree to the split and the division of assets, you can get through some divorces for less than $5,000.

Talk To Chicago Divorce Attorneys Now

Divorce is usually emotional and challenging and, in many cases, expensive. If you are considering divorce, you know that splitting from your partner can cost a lot of money. However, with planning, there are ways to control costs.

Our Chicago divorce attorneys can assist with your divorce so you have the best outcome at a price you can afford. Our divorce attorneys also work with the communities of Evanston, Des Plaines, Park Ridge, Mount Prospect, Elk Grove Village, Glenview, Niles, Prospect Heights, Northbrook, Wheeling, Winnetka, Arlington Heights, Riverside, Rosemont, Glencoe, Morton Grove, Rolling Meadows, and Wilmette. Please contact Gordon & Perlut, LLC at (312) 360-0250 for help with your divorce.