How To Keep Divorce Costs Down In Illinois

Divorces are stressful and emotionally challenging, and they also may be expensive. Some sources report that the average divorce cost in Illinois is $15,000, but an uncontested divorce is usually much less costly.

When a divorce costs more than you thought, it can make the process even more difficult. However, you and your partner can keep divorce costs down in Illinois in several ways. If you have questions after reading this article, our Chicago divorce attorney can answer them.

Essential Facts About Illinois Divorce

Illinois is a no-fault state for divorces, meaning family courts don’t require you to prove your spouse’s wrongs. No-fault divorces can be beneficial because they may be resolved faster. Furthermore, no-fault means you don’t need your spouse’s consent to end your marriage. The court in Illinois will grant a divorce if the following apply:

  • Irreconcilable differences caused the marriage to break down and there cannot be a reconciliation.
  • As a result, both parties live separately and apart for at least six months just before the divorce judgment is granted.

Couples who want to reduce the costs of their divorce should try to do an uncontested divorce, which means both parties agree on significant points. These may include division of property, spousal support, and child custody. If the divorce is contested, the court will need to get involved, and costs rise.

How To Reduce Your Divorce Costs In Illinois

Many divorcing couples fret about the costs of the process. After all, legal fees, court costs, and other expenses add up rapidly. However, you might be able to reduce the costs with these tips:

Be Organized

Many divorce attorneys bill by the hour, so you must use your required legal consultations efficiently. You can do this by staying organized, by doing things such as keeping all relevant legal and financial documents together so they are easy to find. Remember, the more you call or meet your lawyer about paperwork, the higher your legal bills.

Consider Mediation

A significant driver of divorce costs is going to court and legal fees. Divorce mediation can reduce billable hours by bringing in a third party to help you resolve substantial issues. If mediation is successful, it can avoid a lengthy expensive divorce that may torpedo your finances. A mediator can save you thousands in legal fees by avoiding court battles.

Collaborate With Your Spouse

Divorce costs usually spiral when both parties cannot agree on anything. However, if you and your spouse attempt to put aside emotions and work tother, you can avoid an expensive divorce. For example, coming to an amicable agreement on child support, child custody, or alimony can avoid costly court litigation that could take weeks or months.

Talk To Our Chicago Divorce Attorney

If you are going through a divorce, increasing legal fees can make the ordeal more challenging to bear. But if you remember the tips mentioned in this article, you could keep your costs under control. If you need help with your divorce, contact our Chicago divorce attorney at Gordon & Perlut, LLC, at (312) 360-0250.