How to Keep Your Divorce Costs From Escalating

A divorce can put a lot of strain on a person and their family. Even when divorce is the right decision and both spouses agree that it is time to move on, it is still not easy to go through the process. One of the biggest concerns:

Keeping a divorce from becoming too expensive.

The good news is that there are proactive steps you can take to keep a divorce affordable. In this article, our Skokie divorce lawyers offer some guidance for keeping your divorce costs from spiraling out of control.

Divorce Can be Costly—But it Does Not Have to be That Way

Divorce has the potential to be costly for several different reasons. A divorce that drags on and ends up in court is likely to be expensive. A divorce that results in an unfair property division settlement is likely to be expensive—at least for you. A divorce that is not handled properly will require revised paperwork, which can also add a lot to the overall costs. At the same time, it is important to emphasize that a divorce does not have to be cost-prohibitive.

The Best Way to Keep Divorce Costs Down is to Avoid Litigation

How to keep your divorce costs from escalating? The most important thing you can do is avoid litigation. The simple reality is that divorce litigation is time-consuming and it will cost money. Most divorcing couples can avoid litigation. As noted by Forbes Magazine, only a relatively small share of divorces goes to trial. While comprehensive data is not available, the best estimates suggest that fewer than five percent of divorces require litigation.

In Illinois, married couples can get a no-fault, uncontested divorce. In effect, this means that the couple negotiates a settlement outside of court. They will still have to file some paperwork—but the actual legal process will be relatively fast, straightforward, and inexpensive once a comprehensive divorce settlement is reached. The challenge is that many divorcing couples struggle to get on the same page to reach an agreement.

Our Chicago and Skokie Divorce Attorneys Can Help You Get a Favorable Settlement

You can keep your divorce costs from escalating by taking a proactive approach. Among other things, this means obtaining legal representation sooner rather than later. ​Gordon & Perlut, LLC is a Chicago and North Shore family & divorce law firm that puts a strong emphasis on affordable legal services. We are committed to helping our clients keep their costs down. At the same time, we also work tirelessly to protect their rights and interests. In most cases, this means working towards a favorable divorce settlement early on in the process before a serious dispute arises.

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