Is Health Insurance Factored Into Child Support Calculations?

We all know that children can be expensive, and one of the expenses is health insurance during the marriage and if there is a divorce. But how is health insurance considered regarding child support calculations? Find out about this critical topic below, then talk to our Skokie child support lawyers for more information.

Illinois Child Support Guidelines

The Illinois Marriage and Dissolution of Marriage Act states that child support is intended to provide adequate support for a child, subject to the parents’ ability to pay. Reflecting this intent, the state determines how much child support payments will be based on the income shares model. This means the payments are based on the income that each parent earns. In addition, the law states that child support includes the obligation for the parents to provide for their children’s physical, mental, and emotional health needs.

Child Support And Health Insurance

Also, the court may order to provide additional support and customary child support. Part of the basic child support payment is supposed to pay for regular medical expenses, such as copays and deductibles. But the court will order the parents to provide health insurance coverage for the children, and for the parents to both contribute to this cost. In addition, the court can order a contribution to the child’s healthcare needs not covered by insurance.

Some medical-related costs that could be required on top of child support are unreimbursed dental, medical, vision, or orthodontic costs that are not covered by health insurance. Also, one or both parents could be required to pay for prescription drugs not covered under the health insurance plan.

The law also states that the court can order one or both parties to contribute to childcare expenses. This may include expenses needed to put the child in a good childcare program and before and after-school care costs. Other possible expenses are summer camps when there is no school. The childcare expenses should be enough to provide reasonable childcare for each child. The cost is prorated according to each party’s share of combined net income.

Health Insurance Is Required For Children During And After Divorce

The Illinois divorce court will ensure your children are covered by health insurance before the child support paperwork is finalized. In most cases, the divorce court will confirm that your children are on your or the other parent’s plan and will stay insured. However, if neither of you has health insurance for your children, the court could order you to purchase a private plan.

Another option in Illinois is the All Kids Program, a state health insurance plan. If the divorce court thinks one parent can afford private health insurance, the judge may order the parent to purchase it.

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