Should A Woman Hire A Female Divorce Attorney?

Are you a woman and going through a divorce? Our Skokie divorce lawyer for women at Gordon & Perlut, LLC, understands that women can face unique issues in this trying time. For example, some divorcing women may feel anxious about their future if the other spouse is the primary breadwinner, and they may stress about how divorce will affect their children. It can help a woman to have a sympathetic and understanding ear in their corner when selecting a divorce attorney. Learn below about the potential benefits of hiring a female divorce attorney.

Women Tend To Be Good Listeners

Some attorneys, male or female, may not listen carefully and understand your case particulars. However, many women tend to be natural listeners and communicators and may understand the emotional part of an argument better than men. They may be more likely to listen to what their clients say. A female divorce attorney who listens carefully to her clients could uncover a vital piece of information that aids your cause.

A Female Attorney Could Give You An Edge In Court

If your husband hired a male attorney and the case goes to trial, it could appear to certain observers that they are ganging up on a female. It could have that appearance in many divorces because complex matters are passionately discussed, such as if the woman has a history of alcohol abuse. A female Skokie divorce attorney can be just as zealous and passionate in her arguments, but the visuals might work better for a particular judge if a female is on the other side.

Women Often Understand Other Women

A common dealbreaker in many marriages is a lack of communication; many men struggle. A female attorney may be able to communicate more effectively with their female client than a male. Also, if you are a man, you could benefit from having a woman attorney who may communicate about emotional divorce issues better than a male.

Many Female Attorneys Have Gone Through Divorce

One of the reasons so many women practice family law is they have been through the divorce meatgrinder themselves. They know how frightening it can be to face a massive change in your standard of living or not always to be with the children. Their empathy for your situation makes them uniquely equipped to represent your rights during settlement negotiations or in court.

Many women also get along well with children, which can be a significant factor during a divorce. Children can face serious psychological effects from a divorce because they feel the considerable change coming in their lives. In some cases, a woman attorney may be able to soothe their client about the children and equip them with a better grasp of what will happen.

Contact Our Skokie Divorce Lawyer For Women

When selecting a divorce attorney, you should always focus on the person’s skills, experience, and qualifications. However, there are circumstances where it can be beneficial to hire a female divorce attorney. If you are getting divorced, our Skokie divorce lawyer for women at Gordon & Perlut, LLC, can represent you effectively and with compassion. Please call (312) 360-0250 today to discuss your divorce situation with one of our Gordon & Perlut attorneys.