Ways To Stay Close To Your Children After Divorce

There are times when marital issues cannot be resolved, and divorce is the best course. However, children sometimes have a tough time during a divorce if the parents do not plan carefully. But there are proven ways you can stay close to your children after divorce. Learn more about this critical topic below, then contact our Chicago divorce lawyers at Gordon & Perlut, LLC for legal assistance.

Always Try To Have A Relationship With Your Kids

There is no question that life changes for children after a divorce. They may seem different to you and distant. But you should always try to continue a strong relationship with them. If your ex-partner has primary custody, be sure to write, text, and video your kids often and see them according to the visitation schedule.

You also can continue and grow your relationship with them by attending their extracurricular activities and other events. The more they see you, the better your connection will be over time.

Develop Common Interests

Did one of your children become interested in ice skating after (or before) the divorce? It can help to improve your relationship by taking up the same hobby. Or your son likes to play chess or paint. You can go to classes with them to improve their skills. Whatever the interest or pastime is, you can enhance your connection to your kids by taking an interest in what they do.

Be Positive About Your Ex-Spouse

Most divorces have plenty of bad feelings between their partners. Always be optimistic about your ex with the kids, no matter the situation or what happened during the marriage. There is nothing to be gained by attacking your ex-spouse in front of the kids. This will only make it harder to maintain a solid relationship with them.

Live Nearby

You can stay closer to your children after divorce if you live nearby. No matter what the kids say, they will feel better if the other parent is only a few minutes away. In addition, living close by means you can interact with them more, such as picking them up from school or going to the playground.

Send Them Gifts

Most kids love it when their parent thinks of them on special days and holidays. They will look forward to what you give them. Also, send them cards and letters in the mail on their birthdays. They will think of you more positively if you show that you are thinking about them often.

Try To See Them More Than What The Schedule States

Child custody agreements / Allocation Judgments set a schedule of parenting time. However, if your ex is ok with it, try to see them more often. Spending more time with them over the months and years will keep you close.

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If you are going through a divorce, you need to be sure that your children get through this experience in the best possible way. While divorce can be challenging for kids, there are ways to ensure you stay close to them after the breakup, so you have the best parent–child relationship. If you need help with your divorce, please contact our Chicago divorce lawyers at Gordon & Perlut, LLC at (312) 360-0250.