What Do Women’s Divorce Lawyers Focus On?

When a woman gets divorced, she may feel overwhelmed and frightened about the future, especially if the other spouse is the primary breadwinner. How will you cope with finances in the future with the loss of income? Concerns about children’s welfare also are at the top of mind. If you have these questions, the womens’ divorce lawyers in Skokie at Gordon & Perlut, LLC, can help today.

Economic Outcomes

The media might make you think that divorce settlements usually favor women. However, the reality is that many women are worse off financially after a divorce than men are. Child support and alimony may be insufficient to compensate for the difference in earning power between you and your ex. Men tend to have longer and more stable careers with fewer employment gaps, so they often can recover from divorce more quickly.

This disparity in divorce outcomes between men and women is well documented. For example, a study in 1996 showed that women experienced a 27% decline in their standard of living after divorce, but men saw a 10% increase in their living standards.

Child Custody

Child custody is usually a big part of many divorces. Women often take custody of the children after a divorce, and many courts will grant it without asking many questions unless the other party fights for custody. So it sounds as if this area of divorce favors women, but winning child custody often comes with serious challenges.

As all parents know, children cost a lot. Women get child support when they take custody of the kids, but that amount may not cover all expenses. Women often end up with expenses that are unshared, such as school activities and supplies. Also, the women with custody of the children could lose income because it is harder to work when raising children alone. This area is something that a women’s divorce attorney understands.

Hidden Assets

A man may have assets that are undisclosed to the spouse. This may mean you receive less money and property than you should in the divorce. On the other hand, your spouse could own assets worth more than you think, even if you are aware of them. A women’s divorce attorney knows the assets to look for and how to value them.

Assessing assets that are marital property also is an important focus. For example, if you and your spouse dispute what the house is worth, there may be tens of thousands of dollars at stake. Having the property assessed by a third party can resolve and settle this dispute faster.

Homemaker’s Contribution To The Marriage

If you were a stay-at-home parent, your homemaker’s contributions to the marriage must be fully valued when dividing marital property. A women’s divorce attorney will ensure that your homemaker contributions are considered fully.

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