What to Look for in a Top-Rated Chicago Area Divorce Lawyer

What to Look for in a Top-Rated Chicago Area Divorce Lawyer

By: Gordon & Perlut, LLC

A quick Google search of a phrase like “divorce lawyer near me” will instantly connect you with many of the thousands of divorce lawyers in Illinois. At first, pretty much all these lawyers look alike. But upon closer inspection, some significant differences emerge. Examining the areas below can help you separate the sheep from the goats.

Procedurally, most divorces settle out of court. But that doesn’t mean they are simple. In fact, most divorces involve some complex emotional and financial issues. So, you need a top-rated divorce lawyer in Chicago to stand up for your legal and financial rights. The moves you make now will impact your family for years or decades to come. So, it’s important to make the right choice.


The E-word is a relative term. If you handle one divorce, you can claim you are experienced. So, how do you look beyond this marketing term and truly evaluate an attorney’s experience?

Years of experience are crucial. Law school teaches people how to think like lawyers. But it doesn’t teach them how to address real issues like lawyers. That real training only comes from experience. Most local courts have their own rules of procedure and evidence. Furthermore, many of these rules are unwritten. Your marriage dissolution matter should never be a training tool for an inexperienced lawyer.

But years of experience can also be deceptive. Length of time doesn’t necessarily mean an attorney is dedicated to a particular area of law. More on that below. Additionally, many family law attorneys practice for years, yet they have little trial experience. As mentioned, most divorce cases settle out of court. However, your lawyer needs to be able to go the distance, if that’s what is required.


If your knee hurts, you need to go to an orthopedist instead of a general practitioner. The GP could technically handle your knee problem. But the orthopedist has a specific skill set that can make your knee better.

By the same token, if you have a marriage dissolution issue, whether you need to file a divorce or respond to a filing, you need a top-rated divorce lawyer in the Chicago area. The decisions you make now, including the lawyer you choose, have lasting emotional and financial impacts. Family law is not like any other area of law. An attorney may be very adept at writing wills or winning contract cases. But those skills don’t always transfer to divorce and family law. It’s usually best to work with a lawyer who devotes at least 50% of his or her practice to family law.


Goldilocks wanted a chair, bowl of soup, and bed that was just right. A top-rated divorce lawyer in the Chicago area should be just right as well, in terms of accessibility.

Some lawyers have few clients, so they can see you on short notice and they have plenty of time to work on your case. Avoid lawyers like these. There’s probably a reason they have few clients. Also, avoid attorneys on the other end of the accessibility scale. Extremely busy lawyers often treat your case like a number. Worse yet, they may delegate much of the work to an inexperienced associate or even a non-lawyer assistant.

Physical accessibility is important as well. An attorney across town might have an excellent reputation. But as most of us know from experience, most long-distance relationships do not work out very well.

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