Why Choosing the Right Divorce Lawyer Matters

Why Choosing the Right Divorce Lawyer Matters

By: Gordon & Perlut, LLC

The divorce rates in Illinois are the lowest they have been in 30 years, however, there are still about 1.3 divorces out of every 1,000 residents. The decision to end your marriage is one that you won’t take lightly, and it will impact your life and your children’s lives for years to come.

Choosing the right divorce lawyer can make a huge difference in the process. Your attorney will guide you through the process to make it easier and less stressful for you and your family. If you pick the wrong attorney, you could spend many hours of unnecessary angst and might end up with a less favorable outcome.

Choose an Attorney with Divorce Experience

Not all attorneys are the same. Choose a Skokie divorce attorney with expertise in handling divorce cases. A skilled attorney has knowledge of the current laws and changes to the guidelines that can be extremely helpful during the process. Your attorney should know the ins and outs of divorce cases and must understand the procedures so they can guide you through the process without stress.

You may get some recommendations from friends but be sure to evaluate the area of expertise before you hire an attorney. Attorneys who regularly work with divorce cases know the current Illinois divorce laws and understand the process so they can help their clients better address divorce issues.

Negotiation Skills Are a Must

In many divorces, partners have difficulty talking to each other and that can make for an acrimonious situation. Rather than ratchet up the disputes, your divorce attorney will work on your behalf to resolve issues before they worsen.

Your attorney will often be called upon to negotiate your settlement with the other attorney. A skilled Skokie divorce lawyer will be your advocate and will handle the many matters that arise in a fast and professional manner. The right attorney will guide the process to a favorable conclusion.

Create Parenting Plans that Work

Parenting plans are a must in most divorces. A parenting plan outlines the parenting responsibilities and provides a framework for handling a wide range of matters after the divorce is final. A comprehensive parenting plan can prevent some of the pitfalls that couples face when they come upon issues that can be challenging.

A knowledgeable Skokie divorce lawyer understands the many critical points that you should include in your parenting plan in order to have a smooth and more amicable parenting situation in the future. While there are standardized parenting plan forms, it is best to review them and make any changes or additions that apply specifically to your case.

Preserve Your Rights

One of the most critical issues in the divorce process is to understand your parental rights and responsibilities so you can provide your family with the best experience possible. You need to know that your Skokie divorce lawyer knows your priorities and will stand by your side to guide the process from start to finish.

The right attorney knows you well and will work tirelessly to handle your case so you can have a stress-free process. Your lawyer knows how to take care of the many issues that arise in a timely manner so you can count on a fair resolution that won’t go over your budget.

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