Why You Should Always Be Cordial With Your Ex

A divorce is usually a challenging time that forces you to change your life and your plans for the future. Especially when children are involved, you will likely need to continue dealing with your ex on some level, so being cordial with him or her is wise. Learn more about this topic in this article, and if you have issues with divorce or child custody, contact our Skokie family law attorney today for legal assistance.

Staying Cordial Benefits Your Divorce Case

The final divorce decree issued by the family court is an essential legal document that carries the force of Illinois law. The orders in the divorce decree are binding but (some terms) can also be modified. An Illinois divorce decree is often modified regarding child custody and visitation.

You or your ex can ask the judge to modify the divorce decree if there is a material change in circumstances. For example, one of the spouses may have an increase or decrease in income, so the other party may want to change the child support payment. It helps your case and the well-being of your children if you and your ex can get along and work through these changes amicably. If the two of you can agree, it can save significant legal fees. So, getting along can save you both time and money.

There Also Are Emotional Benefits

Most divorced couples want to put their old lives behind them, but the events that occurred during marriage will often affect them. Most divorce orders require property to be transferred or for a business or home to be sold. Also, many marriages have children that require the two of you to deal with each other to some extent.

So, for the emotional health of everyone involved, you should attempt to stay on reasonably good terms with your ex-spouse. Parties who agree on significant changes involving some terms of your original divorce can reduce emotional pain and stress and save money.

How To Be Cordial With Your Ex

While getting along with your ex-partner can be challenging, it is for the best for all parties involved. Here are some ways to accomplish this:

Think About It Through The Child’s Eyes

Assuming you and your ex have children together, children who adjust best during and after divorce usually have parents who can get along. You can help your children adjust to these changes by not saying anything negative about your ex in front of them. Remember that your children love both of you and being negative about your ex with the kids will affect their well-being.

Do Not Try To Control Your Ex

You will quickly get frustrated and angry if you try to control your ex. You cannot control what they do, but you can control how you interact with them. Do not focus on what your ex is doing that you disagree with, mainly when you deal with the kids.

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